Yuriko SAGARA (Ms.)

Managing Partner
Section: Legal, Trade Mark

Profile Summary

Yuriko Sagara (Ms.) studied at The University of Tokyo in the Faculty of Law (LL.B.) and the Legal Training Institute, and upon graduation passed the Japanese Bar Examination. She then went on to be admitted to the New York State Bar after additional studies at the Duke University School of Law and practicing at Fish & Richardson P.C. (New York). Currently, she specializes in industrial property right law, trademark law, design law, unfair competition prevention law, copyright law, antimonopoly law, contract law, licensing, joint development and development consignment, corporate legal affairs, international litigation, arbitration, mediation, ADR, international transaction law, space law and entertainment law in our Legal Section. She is a member of various organizations and committees such as the Copyright Law Association of Japan, Japan Trademark Association, and Software Information Center among others. Ms. Sagara has provided lectures and training for newly registered patent attorneys as well as written extensively on IP theory and practice, judicial precedents, and infringement issues.


Japanese and English

Membership and Activities:

Daini Tokyo Bar Association (2001-)
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2001-)
  Intellectual Property Committee (2017-)
APAA・JAPAN (2005-)
  Copyright Committee (2005-)
   Chairperson (2018-)
 Director (2018-)
Japan Trademark Association (2003-)
Software Information Center (2004-)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2005-)
Anti Counterfeit Adviser appointed by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (2005-2006)
Intellectual Property Lawyers Network (2005-)
New York State Bar Association (2010-)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  Advisory Councillor for Unfair Competition Prevention Law (2015-)
The Copyright Law Association of Japan (2016-)
Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (2018-)
The University of Tokyo Conflict of Interests Committee (2018-)
Hitostubashi University Graduate School of Law Graduate Course Part-time Instructor (2018-)
Industrial Structure Council Intellectual Property Committee Patent Attorney System Subcommittee Member (2020-)
Industrial Structure Council, Intellectual Property Committee, Trademark System Subcommittee, Trademark Examination Standards Working Group, Member (2022-)
Candidates for expert advisors stipulated in Article 69-5, etc. of the Customs and Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance

Main Articles:

(Written in English)
"Tetsujin 28 Go Case", APAA NEWS No.31, APAA (2004)
"Discussion and Analysis of IP High Court Decision dated Jan. 28, 2010 (Case Number 2009(gyo-ke)No.10033)", AIPPI Vol.36, No.5 (2011)
"Doing Business in Japan", Intellectual Property Protection, LexisNexis (2012)
"IP High Court Judgment That Recognized the Copyrightability of Tripp Trapp for the First Time", (Judgment of the IP High Court of April 14, 2015 (2014(Ne)10063)), AIPPI Journal Vol.40, No.5, (2015)
"Retweeting of a Tweet Containing an Image - Judged as Infringement of Moral Rights of the Author -" AIPPI Vol.46, No.2 (2021)
(Written in Japanese)
"Claim and Material Facts in Patent Infringement Cases", Japan Patent Office (2002)
"Legal Aid Consultancy of Patent, Design and Trademark", (joint authorship) Gakuyoshobo (2003)
"Intellectual Property Right Judicial Precedent Summary Collection", (joint authorship) Shinnippon-Hoki (2003)
"Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property Law", (joint authorship) Shinnippon-Hoki (2007)
Programs for Controlling and Analyzing Rockets and Satellites Created as Works Made for Hire, (joint authorship) Present Intellectual Property Litigation, Yuhikaku (2014)
"Amendments to the Unfair Competition Act in 2018 for the Protection of Big Data" Law & Technology Supplemental Issue Vol. 4—The Front Line of Settlement Disputes, Civil Law Workshop (2018)
"Fundamentals of Trademark Law Counseling—From Trademark Name Examination to Trademark Promotion" (joint authorship) Dai-Ichi Hoki (2019)
"Collection of Papers Commemorating the Retirement of Judge Makiko Takabe: The Glitter of Intellectual Property Litigation" (joint authorship), Kinzai, (2021)

Main Lectures:

Training Program "The Simulation of an Intellectual Property Infringement Case", Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2005)
"Training Course for Newly Registered Patent Attorneys", Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2010-2012)
"Training for Specially Qualified Attorneys for Infringement Litigation, (Patent Law/Design Law)", Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2013-2016, 2021-2022)
"Competence Guarantee Workshop", Japan Attorneys Association (2013-2016)
"Practice of the Reading and Writing of Contracts Written in English", The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (2016)
"Recent Copyright Issues—Can Schools Do as They Wish?", Education NPO (2016)
"Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property 2017—IP Dispute Resolution in ASEAN Plus Three (Japan-China-Republic of Korea) ", JPO, Supreme Court, Intellectual Property High Court, Ministry of Justice, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and the IPL Net Japan Cosponsorship (2017)
"Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property Advanced Seminar", Ministry of Justice (2018)
"Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property-IP Dispute Resolution in Asia-Pacific Region-", Supreme Court etc. (2019)
"Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property -Latest Developments and Challenges in IP Judiciary in Japan, the United States and Europe-", Supreme Court etc. (2020)