From Representative Partner


 As one of the Representative Partners here at Nakamura & Partners, I’d like to introduce our firm.

 The history of this firm commenced in 1914 when Mr. Morio Nakamatsu, an attorney-at-law and patent attorney, opened Nakamatsu Patent & Law after serving as the 9th Commissioner for the former Japan Patent Bureau. For more than 100 years since then, our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law have been cooperating with each other to provide services mainly in obtaining and exercising industrial property rights and other intellectual property rights.

 Our firm has handled a variety of cases for the protection and exploitation of industrial property rights and other intellectual property rights through close cooperation between our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law, and that gained experience is shared among attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys, as well as other staff members. As information is now managed in an equally, or even more valuable manner than goods due to recent changes in social and economic conditions, intellectual property rights handled by our firm have become even more important, and accordingly, our firm strives to provide clients with high-quality services based on our shared experience.

 Owing to technological development, information is becoming highly advanced and modes of information are naturally changing as well, which will eventually result in social changes. Therefore, for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, it is absolutely necessary to understand and deal with the nature of technological development, and the social and economic changes arising from it.

 Based on these ideas, our firm requests that attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys actively strive to improve themselves to gain the necessary abilities in order to meet the demands of our clients.

Shinichiro TANAKA