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Since its establishment in 1914, NAKAMURA and PARTNERS has focused its practice on the formation and exploitation of intellectual property rights for foreign and domestic clients. In Japan, patent attorneys (benrishi) are usually involved in the formation of rights and attorneys-at-law (bengoshi) are usually involved in the exploitation of rights, including litigation. In some intellectual property cases, not only technical knowledge but also legal knowledge and experience are important, and in such cases, our attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys cooperate with each other and work as a team daily.

Our patent attorneys are experts in all technical fields related to patents ranging from experienced patent attorneys to young patent attorneys who have learned the latest technologies and have obtained patents for cutting-edge technologies. Some of our patent attorneys focus on design registrations and brand protection respectively and provide strategic advice to protect and exploit outstanding designs and brands in all industries as well as obtaining design or trademark registrations. With a wide variety of attorneys-at-law, from experienced litigators to energetic young professionals, including those with technical backgrounds, we have handled many high-profile cases involving intellectual property. Our attorneys-at-law also handle non-intellectual property matters such as international transactions, contractual negotiations and corporate matters.

Intellectual property has been attracting a great deal of attention from both foreign and domestic companies. For example, Japan’s Corporate Governance Code mentions the importance of investment in intellectual property in relation to sustainability, and it appears that not only manufacturers, but also other companies have no choice but to value their intellectual property. We are increasingly receiving inquiries from companies that have been utilizing intellectual property for a long time regarding how they can more strategically acquire intellectual property and utilize it in their business. On the other hand, we are sometimes asked to handle intellectual property cases by companies that have had little experience with intellectual property, and we feel that the increasing attention on intellectual property is becoming more and more familiar to us.

We hope that our firm can be of service to you and contribute to the development of a sustainable society in any way we can through strategic use of intellectual property by making use of the experience we have gained over the years and by striving to learn new technologies, laws, and practices.

Kazuhiko YOSHIDA