Yoshimitsu KUDO (Mr.)

Section: Electronics & IT

Profile Summary

Yoshimitsu Kudo (Mr.) is a patent attorney in the Electronics & IT Section whose main practices are patent prosecution and litigation with a specialty in computer science, electronics, and telecommunication engineering. He studied advanced techniques of artificial intelligence and data mining at Hokkaido University, where he earned a Ph. D. in computer science. Prior to joining Nakamura & Partners, he worked for the central research laboratory of one of Japan’s leading general electronics manufacturers, where he gained extensive practical experience in his related fields of study such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and natural language processing. Thereafter, he worked for a foreign-affiliated IT company gaining practical knowledge in the field of computer architecture, and then worked for the JPO as an Examiner of patents primarily related to computer software and business model, and during the same time passed the Japanese Patent Bar Examination. Dr. Kudo is a member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association, and is engaged in lecture on prior art search at the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT). He is also involved in projects organized by the JPO to support universities and start-ups.


Japanese and English

Membership and Activities:

Japan Patent Attorney's Association (2011-)
National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training
 Instructor (2012-)
Japan Patent Office
 The Project for Dispatching IP Strategy Designers to Universities,
 IP strategy designer (2019-)
 Representative Member of Examination Committee, Project for Supporting International Rights Acquisition for Establishment of Start-Ups Based on Japanese Applications (2022-)

Main Articles:

(written in English)
"Learning Extended Logic Programs", Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-97) by Morgan Kaufmann (1997)
"An Appropriate Abstraction for an Attribute Oriented Induction", Proceeding of The Second International Conference on Discovery Science by Springer-Verlag (1999)
"Detecting a Compact Decision Tree Based on an Appropriate Abstraction", Proceeding of Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL2000 by Springer-Verlag (2000)
"An Appropriate Abstraction for Constructing a Compact Decision Tree", Proceeding of the Third International Conference on Discovery Science - DS2000 by Springer-Verlag (2000)
"Constructing Appropriate Data Abstractions for Mining Classification Knowledge", Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Applications of Prolog - INAP'01 by Springer-Verlag (2001)
"Some Criterions for Selecting the Best Data Abstractions", Lecture Notes In Computer Science by Springer-Verlag (2002)
"Data Abstractions for Decision Tree Induction", Theoretical Computer Science, A Special Issue on "Theoretical Aspects of Discovery Science", Volume 292, Issue 2 by Elsevier Science (2003)

(written in Japanese)
"Learning Default Rules in Extended Logic Programs", Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence by Ohmsha (1999)
"Data Mining by Generalizing Database Based on an Appropriate Abstraction(Discovery Science)", Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence by Ohmsha (2000)
"Looking Back on Patent Examination Work at JPO", Patent Vol .64 by JPAA (2011)
"Round-Table Talk : Fixed-Term Examiner", Patent Vol .64 by JPAA (2011)
"Knowledge Collection of IP Strategy Designers Dispatching Project 2019" by JPO (2020)
"Knowledge Collection of IP Strategy Designers Dispatching Project 2020" by JPO (2021)
"Knowledge Collection of IP Strategy Designers Dispatching Project 2021" by JPO (2022)

Main Lectures:

"Search Expert Training (patent course)", INPIT (2012-2020)
“(Advanced) Patent Search Training (Let's get closer to the examiner's point of view!)”, INPIT (2021-)
"Training for Searchers Conducting Prior Art Search (Legal training)", INPIT (2012-)
"Prior Art Search using Examiner Terminal Functions of J-PlatPat", JPAA (2018)
"Revision of the Patent Act", Research Council on Life Science Compliance (ReCoLiC) (2020)
"The Gap between the General Image of Intellectual Property Rights and the Contents stipulated in the IP laws - Insights gained through the activities of IP strategy designers -", the 225th Society for management of intellectual properties (Smips), planning session (2022)