Shinichiro TANAKA (Mr.)

Representative Partner
Section: Legal

Profile Summary

Shinichiro Tanaka (Mr.) is a representative partner in our Legal Section. As an attorney at law and a patent attorney, he has represented numerous clients often in the fields of intellectual property law, entertainment media, antimonopoly law, unfair competition prevention law, and international transaction law. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Hitotsubashi University in Japan and studied at the University of Munich where he gained German and English language skills as well as knowledge related to international patent issues. He is an active member of the Daini Tokyo Bar Association, The Japan Federation of Bar Association, and Japan Patent Attorneys Association among others. Mr. Tanaka has given lectures on recent court decisions in Japan and their implications in practice, and also written articles on topics such as the international application of the theory of equivalency, patent litigation, and parallel import and trademark infringement.


Japanese, English and German

Membership and Activities:

Daini Tokyo Bar Association (1985-)
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1985-)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (1987-)

Main Articles:

(written in Japanese)
"Zivilprozeßrecht und Schutz von Betriebs-geheimnissen in Japan", Theorien zum Recht des geistigen Eigentums und Wettbewerbsrechts - Festschrift Zum 70. Geburtstag von Professor Friedrich-Karl Beier by Dai-ichi Hoki (1996)

"Litigation with respect to the Right to obtain a Patent", Practice of Civil Industrial Law Intellectual Property Law by Gyosei (1998)

"Comparison regarding Theory of Equivalency among in Japan, in U.K. and in Germany", Series of Modern Judicial Law-Intellectual Property Law by Shinnippon-Hoki (1999)

"Parallel Import and Trademark Infringement", Intellectual Property Law Program for Legal Practice (L&T No.32) by Minjiho Kenkyukai (2006)

"Chupa Chups Case" (joint authorship), "Court Case Denying Protection of Merchandise Display Design as a Trade Dress" (joint authorship), Present Intellectual Property Litigation by Yuhikaku (2014)

Main Lectures:

"Regal Problems Regarding Using Marks on The Internet", VeriSign Japan K.K. (2002)
"Recent Court Decisions regarding Claim Interpretation in Patent Infringement Cases", AIPPI (2004)
"Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case", Tokai University Extension Center (2003-)
"Ability Guarantee Workshop", Japan Attorneys Association (2004-2005)