Reiko TONOMURA (Ms.)

Section: Legal, Design

Profile Summary

Reiko TONOMURA (Ms.) is an attorney at law and a patent attorney in our Legal Department whose main practices include industrial property right law, trademark law, design law, unfair competition prevention law, copyright law, agricultural business law, antimonopoly law, contract law, joint development and development consignment, corporate legal affairs, and international transaction law. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Sophia University (LL.B.). Additionally, she studied at the UC Berkeley School of Law (LL.M.) to further her knowledge of international IP law and practices and went on to pass the BAR examination shortly thereafter. Ms. TONOMURA is an active member of various organizations such as the Daini Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Trademark Association, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, and the Intellectual Property Lawyers Network. She has also written and lectured on a number of IP-related topics, especially agricultural business law and Geographical Indication.


Japanese and English

Membership and Activities:

Daini Tokyo Bar Association (2002-)
 Legal Consultation Committee (2008), Committee of Legal Training Center
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2002-)
Japan Trademark Association (2005-)
 Agent of Design Law (2003-)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2005-)
 Agent of Unfair Competition Prevention Law (2009-), Agribusiness law committee
 Counterfeit Goods Committee (2005-2010)
Intellectual Property Lawyers Network (2005-)
Computer Law Study Group (2005-)
Anti Counterfeit Adviser appointed by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (2007-2010)
Member of Management of Conflict of Interest in Tokyo Woman's Cristian University (2018-)
Expert member of assessment committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council (2018-)
Reviewing Committee member on FY2018 fact-finding survey of IPR system of Asia country for MAFF(2019-)
Reviewing Committee member on FY2018 fact-finding survey of GI watching scheme in the EU for MAFF (2019-)
Reviewing Committee member on FY2020 Guideline "Legitimate and Appropriate service indications for Agriculture support services" for MAFF (2020-)
Reviewing Committee member on FY2021 Guideline supporting Overseas Development (MAFF) (2021)
Reviewing Committee member on FY2022 Intensification of IP management (MAFF) (2022)

Main Articles:

"Intellectual Property Right Judicial Precedent Summary Collection" (joint authorship), by Shinnippon-Hoki (2003)
"Divorce Problem Law Consultation Guide Book 2006 (Chapter 13 "DV")", by Tokyo 3 Bar Association (2006)
"Hanrei-Taikei Intellectual Property Law" (joint authorship), Hanrei-Taikei by Dai-ichi Hoki (2006)
"The Latest Trend of 'Unobviousness' Judgment" (joint authorship), Business Law in February by CHUOKEIZAI-SHA. INC (2007)
"The legal measures to take when vacancies arise among Officers provided in the Japanese Companies Act (2009 (Hi) 285)" (joint authorship), KANSAYAKU in February No. 552 by Japan Corporate Auditors Association (2009)
"The Third Revision of China Trademark Law" (JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW vol 40~42) by The Japanese Institute of International Business Law, Inc. (2014)
"Strategy for intellectual property for Agribusiness Law" by Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (2018) (joint authorship)
"Legal Counseling on Patent and Utility Models I • II" by Seirin Shoin (2019)
"Q&A: Trademark Legal Consultation Basics – From Trademark Examination to Promotion" by DAI-ICHI HOKI CO., LTD. (2019)
"Current Legal Topics" (Legal training program 2019) (2019)
"Brand Protection in Agribusiness law" by Seirin Shoin (2020)

Main Lectures:

"Geographic Indication -Outline of The Act on Protection of the Names of Specific Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs" at Japan Foods & Biotechnology Intellectual Property Rights Center (2016)
"Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Cases" at Lexisnexis (2016)
"Agribusiness and strategy for intellectual property in the IoT age" at Agribusiness Creation Fair 2017 held by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (2017)
"Geographic Indication for Food Manufactures" held by Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2018)
"Intellectual property rights in agriculture" held by The Intellectual Property Lawyers Network Japan ("IPLNET") (2018)
"Trade Secret and Know-how Protection in the Agricultural Business" at MAFF Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Training Center (2019)
"Practical Use of Intellectual Property in Agriculture Search" at MAFF seminar