Minoru NAKAMURA (Mr.)

Section: Legal

Profile Summary

Minoru NAKAMURA (Mr.), attorney at law and patent attorney, is a long-time partner and former representative partner of our firm, Nakamura & Partners. He was admitted to the bar in April, 1950 and joined in the firm, Nakamatsu International Patent & Law Office, the predecessor of Nakamura & Partners. He has been widely known as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in Japan, particularly in field of the intellectual property. Furthermore he has deep knowledge of international commercial law and practice, so he has acted in a number of cases as an arbitrator nominated by a party or a third arbitrator (a chief arbitrator) nominated by the parties’ nominated arbitrators, under the rules of the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association and also of the International Chamber of Commerce. He has published a number of articles and often given lectures concerning intellectual property laws, anti-monopoly laws, international commercial laws, etc. He has been a member of various organizations and academic societies, both domestic and international, concerning intellectual property laws and other laws in which he has had interested in over the years. (On a personal note, it may be worthwhile stating that he is known as an extremely famous poet of contemporary form and a critic of modern Japanese poetry and other literature. For his contributions to the field, which is not at all relevant to intellectual property, he has been nominated as a Person of Cultural Merits by the Japanese Government, in which there are less than ten persons in the field of literature who were so nominated).


Japanese and English

Membership and Activities:

Daini Tokyo Bar Association (1952-)
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1952-)
  President, Committee on Intangible Property Right Institutions (1979-1981)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (1952-)
  International Ex-Co member of AIPPI headquarters (1966-1991)
  Director of AIPPI Japanese Group (1983-1991)
Japan Trademark Association (1988-)
  President (1988-1995)
The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association, Executive Director (1998-2018)
Japan Jurists Association
Japan Association of Industrial Property Law

Main Articles:

(written in English)
"Intellectual Property Law in Japan", The Law of Commerce in Japan by Prentice Hall (1992)
(written in Japanese)
"Enforcement of Rights under Patent Law and Antitrust Law", Problems of International Industrial Property Laws by AIPPI·Japan (1976)
"Certain Issues Concerning Patent Rights Protection by Patent Application in Foreign Language under Patent Cooperation Treaty", The Problems Concerning Internationalization of Patent System by Japan Association of Industrial Property Law (1980)
"Conversion of Application and Application of Exception to Loss of Novelty", JURIST Additional Volume by Yuhikaku (1985)
"Some Questions Concerning Selection Invention", The Problems Concerning Patent Infringement Litigation by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (1986)
"International Trends of Doctrine of Equivalence", AIPPI Bulletin No.13 by AIPPI·Japan (1987)
"Provision of Original Idea Draft - The Movie I Want to Be a Shellfish Case", JURIST Additional Vol. No.91 Chosakuken Hanrei Hyakusen (100 Copyright Precedent Cases) by Yuhikaku (1987), JURIST Additional Vol. No.128 Chosakuken Hanrei Hyakusen 2nd edition by Yuhikaku (1994), JURIST Additional Vol. No.157 Chosakuken Hanrei Hyakusen 3rd edition by Yuhikaku (2001)
"On Quotation in Literary Work", by Japan Writer's Association (2006)
"The Essential Characteristics in the Expressions of Literary Works", Gendai-Chitekizaisanho-Koza IV·Historical Bird's-eye Analysis of Intellectual Property Jurisprudence by Nippon Hyoron Sha (2012)
"Protection of Characters", Copyright Law Journal No.39 by The Copyright Law Association of Japan (2014)
"The Case of Chieko-sho ", Present Intellectual Property Litigation by Yuhikaku (2014)

Main Lectures:

"Legal Risk Management-Intellectual Property Right", Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (1992)
"Corporate Legal Practices, Extension Center", Waseda University (1995)
"Practices of Commercial Arbitrations", Licensing Executives Society Japan (1996)
"Some Issues Concerning Publication of Literary Work", The Copyright Law Association of Japan (2002)
"Protection of Intellectual Property Right in the Future", Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property, The Japan Writer's Association (2003)
"The Essence of Copyright Protection - from the viewpoint of lawyer, who is also the author of literary works", Center for Professional Legal Education and Research, Waseda University (2009)