Hironobu HATTORI (Mr.)

Section: Chemical & Biotechnology

Profile Summary

Hironobu Hattori (Mr.) is a partner and patent attorney in the Chemical & Biotechnology Section specializing in patent prosecution and litigation primarily in the chemical, medical, and biotechnological fields. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Sophia University (Japan), and then his Master’s degree in IP Law from the University of Washington (U.S.A.). Additionally, he studied medical and biotechnological related IP issues at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Mr. Hattori has handled more than 700 Japanese domestic and foreign patent application cases and more than 10 litigation cases related to validity challenges and opinion cases as a key member of our Chemical and Biotechnology section. He has lectured numerous times, focusing on Japanese patent prosecution requirements and strategies both domestically and internationally, and is a part-time teacher at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology.


Japanese and English

Membership and Activities:

Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) (1998-Present)
  Education Institute of the JPAA (1999-2001)
  Under 35 Committee of the JPAA (2003-2004)
  Intellectual Property Assistance and Support Center of the JPAA (2004-2007)
  Councilor of JPAA (2007-2009)
  Public Relations Center of JPAA (2011-2020)
Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) (2018-2019)

Main Articles:

(written in Japanese)
"IT Roppo" (Joint Editor) by TAC (2005)
"Discussion regarding the Utilization of the Utility Model System," (co-writer), Tokugikon No. 268, 2013, Technical Gathering for Friendly Discussion at the Japan Patent Office
"Discussion on IP-High Court Case decided on June 8, 2017 (H28(Gyo-ke)10147, Tomato-containing beverage case) in which a parameter invention with sensory evaluation does not meet support requirement", AIPPI No. 63, vol. 8, 2018

Main Lectures:

"Description Requirement for Medical Use Invention in Japan," MARKPATENT.ORG (Ahmedabad, India) (2011)
"Patent Term Extension in Japan," Global IP Convention 2013 (Bangalore, India) (2013)
"Things to do for Japanese Patent Application," Global IP Convention 2014 (Hyderabad, India) (2014)
"Opportunities Created by the Changes in Japanese IP Laws," Global IP Convention 2015 (Mumbai, India) (2015)
"Patent Drafting and Prosecution in Different Jurisdictions (Japan)," Global IP Convention 2016 (New Delhi, India) (2016)
"Validity Challenges in Japan," IIPLA Annual Meeting 2016 Silicon Valley (San Jose, USA) (2016)
"Use Claim Strategies for Japan," Global IP Convention 2017 (New Delhi, India) (2017)
"Patent Term Extension in Japan" C5's 17th Pharmaceutical Patent Term Extensions Forum (Munich, Germany) (2018)

"Prosecution and Management of U.S. Patent Application," Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (2011-)
"Foreign Patent Prosecution (U.S. Patent Law)," The Patent Attorneys Corporative Association of Japan (2013-)
"Patent Prosecution Highway India-Japan" Global IP Convention 2020 (New Delhi, India) (2020)