Hideki TAKAISHI (Mr.)

Section: Legal

Profile Summary

Hideki TAKAISHI (Mr.) is an attorney at law and patent attorney in the Legal Section who focuses on industrial property right law, trademark law, design law, unfair competition prevention law, copyright law, antimonopoly law, contract law, joint development and development consignment, corporate legal affairs, and international transaction law. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and went on to complete his graduate studies there as well. Later he studied at the Duke University School of Law where upon completion of his program was able to pass the California Bar Exam. Mr. TAKAISHI is a member of various domestic and international organizations, most notably being vice-chairman of the Patent Committee in the Japan Patent Attorneys Association. He has written on topics ranging from the general interpretation of patent law to specific case judgements and their impact on current law. Additionally, he has lectured on IP matters related to invalidity, correction, and inventive step.


Japanese and English

Membership and Activities:

Daini Tokyo Bar Association (2002-)
A member of an assembly at Daini Tokyo Bar Association(2008)
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2002-)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2005-)
  Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property (2013-2019)
  Patent Committee (2012-2021)
   Vice‐Chairman (2014-2021)
  Intellectual Property Management Center (2019-2020)
  Dispute Conciliation Committee (2019)
  Working Group on Responses to IT Adoption in Legal Procedures etc. (2019)
WG for Cooperation among the Legal Professions (2020)
Intellectual Property Lawyers Network (2005-)
California Bar Association (2011-)
  Research Advisor on the Research and Analysis of Systems, Operations, Current Situation and Statistical Analysis of Patent Effectiveness Judgment, and Revision of Claims in the United States, Europe, and South Korea (2019-)
Japan Patent Office
  Specific Infringement Litigation Agency Business Examination Subcommittee(Capacity Security Test Committee)(2014-2019)
  Trial and Appeal Practitioner Study Group(Patent-Machinery)(2014-2021)
  Member of the Examination Committee of the Patent Attorney Examination Subcommittee(2019-2021)
The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs (JASVE)
  Institutional Committee(2020-)
Benrishi Shunjukai
  Training Committee (2021-)
Japan Customs
  Expert Advisor (2016-)

Main Articles:

"Intellectual Property Right Judicial Precedent Summary Collection" (joint authorship) by Shinnippon-Hoki (2003)
"Hanrei-Taikei Intellectual Property Law" (joint authorship), Hanrei-Taikei by Dai-ichi Hoki (2006)
"The Latest Trend of 'Unobviousness' Judgment" (joint authorship), Business Legal Affairs Issue in February by CHUOKEIZAI-SHA.INC. (2007)
"The Basis of Business Law Issue" Business Law in June and July by CHUOKEIZAI-SHA.INC. (2007)
"The Basis of Business Law Issue" Business Law in March by CHUOKEIZAI-SHA.INC. (2008)
"Database of Required facts Patent right)" (joint authorship) by Dai-ichi Hoki (2007)
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"Standard of [substantially changed] when amending patented claims" (joint authorship) by JPAA (2009)
"Inventive step of inventions with numerical limitation" by JPAA (2010)
"Interpretation of the technical scope of the invention wherea a negative expression is included in the claim, by considering descriptions in the specification where two or more [effects] are written: [Rice Cake] Case (Case No. 2011 (Ne) No. 10002)" AIPPI Vol.37 No.2(AIPPI・JAPAN, 2012)
"Good Choice -Law in Daily Life-"(joint authorship)by Seibi-do (2013)
"Encyclopedia of Patent Litigation Cases" by CHUOKEIZAI-SHA.INC. (2014)
"Light-Emitting Diode Module and Light-Emitting Diode Light Source” Case [Demand for Correction] (joint authorship) , “Use of flibanserin for treatment of sex disorder” Case (joint authorship) & “Carvedilol” Case (joint authorship), Present Intellectual Property Litigation by Yuhikaku (2014)
"Advantage and Disadvantage for describing effects etc. concretely in a specification as a general apart from embodiments" by JPAA (2014)
"Collection of Points of Contention at the Patent Court Vol.2” ​Intellectual​ Property Practice Series on Selections from Modern Industry by Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (2018)
"The Easiness of Ease: Assessing Third Party Public Disclosure" by JPAA (2018)
"AIPPI International Conference in Cancun" by AIPPI・JAPAN (2018)
"The Rice Milk Incident—The Problems of Support Requirement Issues" by Intellectual Property Management (2019)
"Patent Law Issues—A Comprehensive Analysis", Patent Volume by JPAA (2019)
Supreme Court Case No. 2018 (Gyo-hi) 69“Topical Ophthalmic Formulation for Treating Allergic Eye Diseases” Case by JPAA (2020)
"Collection of Points of Contention at the Design Law Cases" (joint authorship) by Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (2020)
"Category of Invention: The Advantage of 'Method of Production'" by JPAA (Patent; 11/2020)
"Support Requirement: An Invention Including Parameters ("Double-sided Tape case", Case No. 2019 (Gyo-ke) 10173)" by JPAA (Patent; 5/2021)
"Inventive Step of an Invention Including Parameters" by Japan Association of Industrial Property Law (8/2021)
"Two-Sided Tape Case Decision on Clarity Requirement—An Overview of Significant Court Cases and Analysis of Judgment Trends" by Intellectual Property Management (Vol.71, No.11; 11/2011)
"Encyclopedia of Patent Court Cases (Selections of Modern Industry—Intellectual Property in Practice Series" by Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (2021)
"Comprehensive Analysis of Inventive Step" by JPAA (Patent; 1/2022)
"Patent Application Strategies—For Maximization of Value of Patent Application—Innovation of Initial Specification Drafting and Claim Wording (12 Selections)" by JPAA (Patent; 8/2022)
"Patent Infringement Litigation Appeal Trials / A Comprehensive Study of Cases which Reversed Their Original Decisions" in AIPPI Journal by AIPPI (9/2022)

Main Lectures:

"Defense of patent invalidity and correction during infringement lawsuits "(AIPLA-AIPPI Japan/JFBA Joint Meeting)(2007.4)
"Inventive step of inventions with numerical limitation or parameter" (JPAA, Sapporo branch)(2012)
"Inventive step of inventions with numerical limitation or parameter" (PA)(2013)
FM TOTSUKA(Radio) course of lectures (15minutes×12times)
"Inventive step of inventions with numerical limitation or parameter" (JPAA, Kanto branch)(2015)
"Risk Management Based on Court Perspective and Claims and Evidence Policy (and JPO Response)" (2018)
”Support Requirement - Review of Recent Cases (“Problem” of the Invention by Comparison with Inventive Step)” (AIPPI-JFBA-AIPLA JOINT MEETING)(2019.4, Tokyo)
"Patent Law Issues—A Comprehensive Analysis" (Japan Foods & Biotechnology Intellectual Property Rights Center)(2019.07)
“Considering patent practice through the "Steak Delivery System" incident”(JPAA)(2019.9)
"Introduction to Patent Law: Comprehensiveness of the Subject of Invention (Challenges with subject of invention; Changes of court decision trends regarding support requirement)" (JPAA)(2020.8)
"Problems Related to the Subject of Invention Based on Court Decisions: The Importance of Utilizing Research of Court Cases" (11th IP Practice Online)(2020.8)
"The Importance of Utilizing Research of Court Cases for Inventive Step" (KTK Online Seminar)(2020.8)
"Trends and Analysis of Recent Court Decisions" (Japan Patent Attorneys Association-Hokkaido Symposium)(2021.2)
"Dictionary of Design Case Decisions" (Japan Patent Attorneys Association E-learning)
"Techniques for Gathering Information for Professionals" (e-Patent of Atsushi Nozaki)(2021.3)
"Patent: Discussion on Appeal Trial Reversal Decisions" (Japan Patent Attorneys Association-Tokai Symposium)(2021.7)
"Patent Application Strategies (1) The Most Important Points of Initial Specification (2) Innovative Claim Wording (12 Selections) "(IP Practice Online)(2022.1)
"Recent Judicial Court Cases on the Doctrine of Equivalents" (The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of Tokyo)(2022.1.31)
"Comprehensive Analysis of Inventive Step—Revised" (Japan Patent Attorneys Association / China Symposium)(2022.2.14)
"Patent Infringement Litigation Appeal Trials / A Comprehensive Study of Cases which Reversed Their Original Decisions—Revised" (AIPPI Case Study Group)(2022.2.28)
"A Thorough Discussion on Practitioners in Patent Case Issues" (Shiro Yasutaka IP Commentary Channel)(2022.5)