Q&A Trademark Legal Consultation Basics—From Trademark Examination to Promotion, written by Nakamura & Partners and published by DAI-ICHI HOKI CO., LTD. (in cooperation with Tokyo Lawyers Cooperative), was released.

Author: Nakamura & Partners (the author and editor)
Publication: “Q&A: Trademark Legal Consultation Basics – From Trademark Examination to Promotion”
Publisher: DAI-ICHI HOKI CO., LTD.
Publication date: February 25, 2019
Overview: This book came to be through planning by the Tokyo Lawyers Cooperative, in which our lawyers and patent attorneys provide explanations based on our actual practices related to trademark applications and exercising trademark rights (Supervisor: Lawyer & Patent Attorney Mr. Shinichiro TANAKA).

For those who have no practical experience handling trademark applications and exercising trademark rights, following business flow, basic law advice and trademark application procedure explanations are provided on specific scenarios in a Q&A format.

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