The article entitled “Patent Law Issues—A Comprehensive Analysis” by Hideki, TAKAISHI(Mr.), an attorney at law and patent attorney, was published in the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA).

Author: Hideki TAKAISHI (Mr.), attorney at law & patent attorney
Publication: Patent Vol. 73, No. 22
Publisher: Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
Publication date: September, 2019
Overview: According to views on patent law, when considering an important point regarding the problem of an invention, for the patentee, whether the comprehension of the general concept (abstractly; at a low level) of the problem of the invention is advantageous or whether the specific concept (concretely; at a high level) is advantageous is always an issue of contention . Therefore, each point of the problem of the invention should be assessed based on Japanese patent law, and while doing so, the relationship between the support requirement and the problem of the invention should be especially deeply considered.