Kazuko MATSUO (Ms.)

Section: Legal, Trade Mark

Profile Summary

Kazuko Matsuo (Ms.) is an attorney at law and patent attorney in the Legal Section and Trademark Section. In her role as a partner in the firm, she focuses mainly on corporate legal affairs, commercial transaction, contracts, unfair competition law, intellectual property law, litigation, arbitration, and international transaction. She graduated from The University of Tokyo Faculty of Law and after joining Nakamura & Partners, she studied at the Comparative Law Institute of New York University on scholarship receiving an M.C.J. degree. Additionally, she was a researcher at Michigan University. In Japan she served as an instructor at Kanagawa University, St. Paul University and The Science University of Tokyo Law School. She has been a member of various IP related organizations such as the AIPPI (Design Committee), INTA (Design Committee), The Japan Trademark Association, and served as an Arbitrator of WIPO. She has written extensively on design and trademark law, copyright law, and unfair competition law. Furthermore, Ms. Matsuno has served on various committees related to Intellectual Property revision as a member of the Industry Property Division of the Structure Council of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and received the METI Special Award for her dedicated service.

Membership and Activities:

Daini Tokyo Bar Association (1958-)
The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1958-)
  Intellectual Property Committee
    Vice Chairman, Deputy Chairman (1986-1987), Chairman (1991)
  Intellectual Property Center Committee (2009-)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (1961-)
Japan Association of Industrial Property Law (1974-)
Industrial Structure Council Trademark Institution Subcommittee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (1989-1993) (1998-1999) (2001-2013)
Japan Design Protection Association (1992-)
Candidate of Arbitrator,Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center (1998-)
Japan Association of Arbitrators (2005-)
  Director (2005),Councilor (2006-)
Intellectual Property Lawyers Network (2005-)
  Executive Director (2005-2011), Chairman of the board of directors (2012- 2014), Standing director(2014-)
Arbitration ADR Law Association (2006-)
Japan Trademark Association (1988-)
  President (2002-2003), Vice-president (2004-2009), Standing director (2010-)
International Literary and Artistic Association
International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property of Japan (AIPPI·JAPAN)
The Japanese Group of International League of Competition Law (LIDC)
ITMA Overseas Member

Main Articles:

(written in English)
"Recent Amendment to the Unfair Competition Prevention Law for the Protection of Trade Secrets", UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal, Spring Vol. 9, Nos. 1&2 by UCLA (1991)
"Chapter 9. Japan", International Trade Mark and Signs Protection A Handbook, Editor Paul Lange by C.H.Beck-Hart-Nomos (2010)
(written in Japanese)
"Trademark Infringement and Claiming Damages", Japan Association of Industrial Property Law Bulletin No.20 by Japan Association of Industrial Property Law (1996)

"Point of Contact between New Unfair Competition Prevent Law and Design Protection", DESIGN PROJECT No.39 by Japan Design Protection Association (1996)

"Design and Trademark Rights about Designs", Japan Association of Industrial Property Law Bulletin No.22 by Japan Association of Industrial Property Law (1998)

"Reconsider about Trademark Infringement", Intellectual Property Law and Present Society-Memorial of Toshiaki MAKINO Judge Retirement by Shinzansha (1999)

"Indirect Infringement (Case of Frame of Footing Board)", Judicial Precedent of Design Law-Memorial of Eiji SAEGUSA and Etsushi KOTANI's Sixtieth Birthday by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (1999)

"What is a material in this Editing Literally Work", Judicial Precedent of Copyright Law-Memorial of Ryuichi MURABAYASHI's Seventieth Birthday by Tokyo Nunoi Shuppan (2001)

"Significance of Public Known and Confidentiality", 100 Selection of Judicial Precedents of Patent (3rd Edition), Additional Volume of JURIST by Yuhikaku (2002)

"Success and Failure of Indirect Infringement and Selling and Exporting Goods to Abroad", Trend of Patent Infringement Trail/Masashige OBA by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (2002)

"Invention and a Law of Nature", Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property Laws vol. 1 "Patent Law [ I ]" Toshiaki MAKINO etc. by Shinnippon-Hoki (2007)

"Feature of Effectively Protecting Configuration of Goods under Unfair Competition Litigation" [Trademark Law and Unfair Competition Law] /Toshiaki MAKINO by Shinnippon-Hoki (2007)

"Chapter 8 ["pinklady de diet" Success or failure of the right protection of a publicity]" Intellectual property rights, A principle of law and a proposa l-Memorial of Toshiaki MAKINO's Eightieth Birthday- / Nobuhiro NAKAYAMA etc. by Seirin-Shoin (2010)

"Future of the design system" Present age intellectual property method lecture, The historical bird's-eye view of intellectual property law / Ryuichi TAKABAYASHI etc. by Seirin-Shoin (2012)

"‘Pinklady de Diet’ Case", Present Intellectual Property Litigation by Yuhikaku (2014)
(Book, (Joint Authorship))
"Domain Name Disputes" by Koubundou (2001)
"Notes Design Protection Law" by Seirin-Shoin (2010)

Main Lectures:

"Indirect Theory about Patent Law", Licensing Executives Society Japan (2001)

"Revision of Patent Law, Trademark Law and other Industrial Property Laws", The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (2002)

"Unfair Competition Prevent Law and Protection of Trade Secret", Japan Federal Bar Association (2003)

(Coursework)"Analysis for Precedents of Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Law", Japan Intellectual Property Association(1971-2013)
(Coursework)"Trade Mark Infringement", Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (1971-2014)