Hiroshi UESUGI (Mr.)

Section: Electronics & IT

Profile Summary

Hiroshi Uesugi (Mr.) is a patent attorney in the Electronics and IT Section whose main practices include patent prosecution and litigation with a specialty in solid-state physics and material science. He graduated from both the Sophia University Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Science and thereafter worked as an electronic engineer for and electronics related company before going on to pass the Japanese Patent Bar Examination. Mr. Uesugi an active member of organizations such as the Japan Patent Attorneys Association, AIPPI-JAPAN, and APAA-JAPAN. Additionally, he has lectured for the Asia IP Seminar JPAA as well as the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation on IP-related matters.

Membership and Activities:

Japan Patent Attorneys Association (1996- )
  Overseas Corporation Committee (2000-2003)
  Member of International Activity Center (2004-2009)
  Patent Committee (2007-2008)
AIPPI·JAPAN (2005- )
APAA·JAPAN (2006- )

Main Lectures:

"Method for Drafting a Patent Specification", Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation(2002- )
Asia IP Seminer JPAA (Kuala Lumpur 2009)
Asia IP Seminer JPAA (Manila 2011)